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Smart Cable Company
7403 Lakewood Drive #14
Lakewood, WA 98499
FAX: 253/474-9940

Lead Free

FFC Cables (Flat Flexible Cable)

FFC Cable

Smart Cable Company can quote any style of FFC Cable. All we need is the following information to come up with your FFC Cable pricing.

  • Pitch (the distance between the contacts. Typically 1.25mm)
  • Length (the distance from one end of the cable to the other end. Usually measured in millimeters)
  • Width
  • Span
  • Conductors (the number of metal contacts)
  • Thickness (the thickness of the cable measured in millimeters)
  • Stiffener (material that holds the ends upright. Usually a thin blue plastic material)
  • Exposed (the length of the metal conductor that is visible at each end of the cable

Custom Power Cords

Available Specialty Power Cords

  • Fan Power Cords
  • Multi Leg Power Cords
  • Piggyback Power Cords
  • Quick Release Power Cords
  • Y Power Cords
  • W Power Cords

Let us know what type of custom power cord you need and we will work up a quote for you right away. Please be sure to have the following information.

  • Length
  • 1st Connector
  • 2nd Connector
  • Cord Gauge (AWG)
  • Number of Conductors