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Smart Cable Company
7403 Lakewood Drive #14
Lakewood, WA 98499
FAX: 253/474-9940

Lead Free

The Smart Cable Company is host to a multitude of cabling products, which consist of the Smart Cables and also custom and standard computer cables and power cords.

Welcome to the Home of the Smart Cables!

SC817 SC821 SC845 SC880

P/N SC817
DB25F - DB25M/F
Price: $99.95


P/N SC821
RS232 - DB25M/F
Price: $149.95

P/N SC845
DB25F - RJ45
Price: $99.95

P/N SC880
DB25F - DB9F
Price: $109.95

  • The Smart Cable is a universal Patented Serial RS232 Cable that instantly connects all the data and handshake control lines automatically between two serial devices, making RS232 connections simple!
  • The Smart Cables' unique on-board logic "looks" at the RS232 interface on each end of the connection, then correctly configures itself with a flick of a switch to a printer, modem, or any other peripheral.
  • With 4 different models to choose from, these IS a connection solution for you!

Road Warrior Kits

RW817 RW821 Plus RW845 RW880

P/N RW817
Price: $129.95


P/N RW821 Plus
Price: $169.95

P/N RW845
Price: $129.95

P/N RW880
Price: $139.95

  • Each Road Warrior Kit comes with every conceivable gender changer that a user might need
  • The Smart Cable, gender changers, and manual all fit into a leather carrying case. Making it easy to transport the cable from job to job.
  • Perfect for the engineer who is always on the move.

Coaxial Equivalents

If you are looking for a PE part, but don't want to pay such a high price then come and check out Smart Cable's Coaxial Equivalents.

  • We can supply most PE parts at a 15-20% discount
  • Our PE Equivalent product line ranges from PE1600 through the PE9000 series
  • We guarantee that our equivalents are exact Coaxial crosses and will provide the same fit, form, and function.
  • Not all of our PE Equivalents are listed on the web due to the constant changes in material cost. If you want to know if we have the part you need, then give us a call and we will work up a quote for you in a couple of minutes.

Custom Computer Cables

If you are in need of an exact type of cable and connector take a look at our Custom Cable Section. We’ve been building customer specific cables for over 10 years now. Just fill in our Custom Cable Request Form and we’ll quote you your cable.

Custom Cables

Check out our Catalog

Featuring the following products: Adapters, Cat5e Cables, COAX Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Fire Wire, Gender Changers, IEEE-1284 Cables, KVM Cables & Port Switches, Mini Testers, Power Cords, and USB Products.

P/N: 86000F
KVM Molded Cable Male-Female 6FT
Price: $14.99
P/N: 805E-25
Cat5 Enhanced Cable 25FT
Price: $4.49
P/N: 11625
APC DB25(M) - C36(M) 1284 Printer Cable
Price: $19.95
P/N: 40424
DB25 M/M Slim Line Gender Changer
Price: $1.69
What's New?
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